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The Voice Of Hank Azaria

Hi friends and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I would like to say right off the bat, happy birthday tomorrow to main cast member Hank Azaria. He of course voices many male characters including: Moe Szislak (bar tender at Moe’s Tavern), Comic Book Guy aka Jeffrey Albertson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (behind the counter and target of being robbed at the Quik-E Mart, Chief Wiggum and many other minor characters. One of his most memorable one time characters is Frank Grimes and he played that part tremendously well and it’s a shame that he was killed off at the end of the episode Homer’s Enemy.

We also get to hear Hank’s real speaking voice from time to time, as mostly minor characters, who are trying to cell something or as a one time character. For example: The schoolteacher Zachary Vaughnn in the season 21 episode Bart Gets A Z. This is when Bart and the rest of his class accidentally gets Mrs. Krabappel fired, by lacing her coffee with booze, because she took their cel-phones away. This was hoped to make her much more laid-back and well, nicer. Obviously, this backfired and she got canned and Mr. von replaced her, for the episode. We find out that he actually has a drinking problem and he declares that he hates children at the end of the episode and is fired. He is heard to be chanting “I hate children, children suck” in the hallway. So, he is gone and Mrs. Krabappel returns, with muffins. For more on the episode you can find it on iTunes.

That is just one example of Hank’s real voice coming out. Another more obvious example is Duffman, when he isn’t referring to himself in the third person and uttering his catch fraise “OH YEAH” he uses his normal voice for the character. An example of this is in the episode Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind (Season 19) where he hosts Marge’s surprise party for Homer. He does his usual third person reference but his watch alarm goes off. He says “Um, it’s 11:00. Do you wanna pay for the extra hour. Or…” and the party continues when Marge says “okay.” There are many more examples, with and without his own natural dialect. For example: Krusty The Clowns agent is voiced by him in a New York accent. There are many other examples of his voice in the series and I can’t name them all here because there are that many.

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