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Sideshow Bob Do Good?

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks episode. It was also nice that Glenn Close made another appearance as Mona Simpson again, all be it in a flash back in Grandpa’s memory. I’m looking forward to this weeks episode Gal Of Constant Sorrow.

This weeks post is another look into what could have been. I recently watched the episode Brother From Another Series and it occurred to me that if Sideshow Bob hadn’t gone to jail with his brother he probably would have given up on his criminal activities. This would have meant an end to wanting to kill Bart or his former boss Krusty The Clown. His intentions in this episode were clearly good and he was grateful to Bart for saving his life, after his brother Cecil attempts to murder him and take all the money from their project together. Cecil is of course voiced by David Hyde Pierce, who also portrays Niles Crane, the brother of Frasier Crane portrayed by Kelsey Grammer himself. If you think about it and research both characters by both actors, both Niles and Cecil would have been what their brothers (Sideshow Bob and Fraisure) would have been, had their dreams come true. In the case of The Simpsons, Cecil tried out as one of Krusty’s sideshows and failed and was still pissed off that his brother became Sideshow Bob.

What would have happened if Cheif Wiggum actually believed Lisa about Sideshow Bob’s innocence in his brothers nefarious plot to blow up the Springfield damn? Would Bob become friends with Bart and Lisa and possibly reunite with Krusty in some form, without plotting to kill him? Would he have still got a job as the PA Announcer for Springfield Elementary School? He actually had this job in the Season 12 episode Day Of The Jackanapes, where Krusty is being bothered by network executives who are trying to tell him how to change his TV show for their own benefit and because they can. Sideshow Bob uses Bart to kill Krusty in a plan which almost works, except for Krusty giving an emotional speech for Bob, which changes Bob’s mind and he releases Bart as his Bomb boy.

There Also would have been no need for Bob to move to Italy and become a grape crusher and get married to Francesca and have his son Gino. However, other things could have come up as plot devices if Bob had become friendlier or an acquaintance of The Simpsons. Maybe Bob would have become another one of Barts frenemmys much like Principal Skinner or Groundskeeper Willie at Springfield Elementary School. Maybe he would have helped Bart in his pranks on Skinner, if it turned out that he didn’t like him either. Or, he would have teamed up with Skinner to make life hell for the students, much like in the episode The President Wore Pearls. This episode saw Skinner make Lisa School President in order to Cary out his evil plan to get rid of classes like: music, gymnastics and art. All though, I believe that Bob probably would have sided with Lisa and foiled Skinner’s plot instead. Obviously his brother would have been in jail while Bob was freed.

On the birthday front, Kelsey Grammer turns another year older today. He is still active both inside and outside The Simpsons. His most recent episode on The Simpsons was the latest episode in the Treehouse Of Horror series, where Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart. I wonder what Sideshow Bob will be up to in seasons to come after this non canon episode?

Also, let us not forget about the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening turning another year older on Monday. He is still very much involved with the show and I am very happy he started this all back in 1987, when: Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa all appeared for the first time on the Tracey Ullman Show as shorts in the short Good Night. You can find the entire short on the episode The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, along with bits of other shorts. My favourite is when Homer and Bart are at home, while Marge and Lisa are out with Maggie. Homer and Bart can’t decide if they want fish nuggets or pork-a-roni. Homer unwisely mixes them together and Bart is not pleased, saying “yuck… ‘Tastes like dog food”. I think it is still on Youtube somewhere but I haven’t looked for a while.
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