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Thanks 97.7 HTZFM For The Biggs and Barbecue Yesterday

Hi folks. This is yet another post for today and it is about a good time I had yesterday, at Lakeside Park in St Catharines or rather, Port Dalhousie. This is also the place that Rush named a song after on their 1975 album Caress Of Steel and everything it says in the song is true. Just read up on the place and the band and the album and you will know why it was mentioned in name.

Anyway, this free concert was put on by the morning show The Biggs and Barr show on 97.7 HTZFM in St Catharines Ontario, who are really the coolest radio station in the world. I’m not just saying that because I know them and all. I really mean it and they always put on a great party/ event for the listeners. Did I mention that they are also my friends too?

Anyway, the event was called The Biggs and Barbecue and it was free and for all ages. There were a few bands that played that were known primarily to the diehard listenership. The main Band I wanted to see was Black Collar Union, who are from Hamilton Ontario. They have a hard rock sound similar to nobody else but they did Pay homage to the bands Audio Slave and Rage Against The Machine at the end of their set, by playing a song by both bands.

I didn’t stay for the whole thing because of how crazy it could have become at Union Station if I had left around 9:00 P.M, which was when the concert ended. However, I had a great time and will be there next year, regardless of the weather and how easy or difficult it was to get there and back home. Thanks 97.7 HTZFM for a great time yesterday and I know I share the same sentiment with many other listeners. Especially those who made it for however long they stayed.


The Otto Show

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. Today it is all about the episode The Otto Show.

Basically, the main story revolves around Bart and Milhouse going to see Spinal Tap at a hockey arena in Springfield. The concert last 20 minutes but this inspires BART to want to be a rockstar. So, Homer buys Bart a guitar and he has a lot of difficulty in playing it and he gives it to Otto to see what he can do. Otto shows Bart and us that he can play and stops driving the school bus to entertain the kids. After a while and after Martin reminds Otto that they should have been at school a few minutes ago, he drives as fast as he can and crashes the bus, flipping it over on its side. This is possibly a reference to the episode Bart Gets An F, when Bart says that Otto always tries to tip it over and Otto says “damn thing never goes over… does it?” He gets stripped of his job as school bus driver because he doesn’t have a license and principal Skinner takes over driving the bus.

Otto goes to the DMV to try and get his license but fails and one of his mistakes was misspelling the word bus. Also complicating things is that he was evicted for not paying rent and goes to live in a trash can.

Bart throws away garbage and it hits Otto and Bart decides to take Otto home. Homer and Marge are reluctant and Otto promises to do what he can to help out, but he doesn’t. Also, he clogs up the toilet and gets collect calls, which really gets on homers nerves. The last straw was when he scared Lisa with a bedtime story. Just before Marge and Homer throw Otto out, Marge convinces him to try again to get his drivers license and he says he will do it.

He passes this time because he entertained Patty with stories about Homer having food on him for days and his other rather crude behaviors. This is despite that Otto did even worse this time but Patty decided to pass him anyway, because of that.

I mention this episode because it was the first episode with a heavy metal band as guest starrs on The Simpsons, even if it is Spinal Tap with: Harry Shearer, Michael McKean and Christopher Guest reprising their roles as the three core members of Spinal Tap. One thing I’m curious to know is who play guitar? I couldn’t find that out anywhere whether it was on Wikipedia or any of the Simpsons fan sites.

The other reason I wanted to talk about this episode is that on the birthday front, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford turned another year older on Tuesday. He guest starred in the Season 25 episode Steal This Episode. I’ve never told anyone this before but when I originally heard the title of the episode, it reminded me of a recent album by System Of A Down called Steal This Album. It consisted of tracks that were left over from the sessions of their 2001 album toxicity.

I guess another reason for this is that Spinal Tap is a maki Mentry on the rock and roll lifestyle but other bands of said that they could relate to it.

Well, that’s about it for this weeks post. In the mean time, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.

Slipknot Iowa, 14 Years Later

Hi folks. This is another Friday post in the blog, looking back on my favourite album by Slipknot, released 14 years ago today. Iowa came out as the band were touring to promote it and while the band were further emerging from the success of their first and self titled debut album. We were promised a heavier and darker album and boy, did we get it and it was good.

For me, this was a turning point in the band because of how heavy it was, both musically and vocally for singer Corey Taylor. If you have it just listen to how hard he screams on the album and then, listen to his work after that on Stone Sour and later albums by both bands.

I remember the track Heretic Song was released to Radio as a rough mix of The Heretic Anthem, in June 2001. I actually like that version better than the one we get on Iowa, because there are more sounds at the end of it and that is my favourite thing about Slipknot. They weren’t afraid to put in such sounds as groans and screams just to give the song more energy. On later albums this happens sometimes but not as often as it did on the first two.

I was waiting all summer for the album to come out and when Left Behind was released as the first radio single, I was okay with it, considering how heavy it and other songs I would hear on the radio from it, before the album was released. The songs: People = Shit, Disasterpiece, The Heretic Anthem, The Shape, I Am Hated, Skin Ticket and New Abortion were played on metal shows that I would listen to. There weren’t many interviews about the album that I heard before it came out but it didn’t matter because I didn’t expect to hear much from the band. They didn’t talk that much and that was fine with me at the time. Now they talk about a lot of stuff from their careers and that’s OK too.

This album is also significant for me in that it was the first one ever, that I actually purchased at midnight, the day of the release. I actually went downtown to the record store and bought it then and went home and gave the CD a spin or two or more, over the past 14 years. I can’t possibly go through the album track by track, so I will talk about as many songs as I can get my teeth into .

515 opens the album, with screams and sounds from DJ Sid Wilson. His Grandfather had recently died and all the emotion from that came out in that short avant-garde track.

People = Shit opened the album with the first full song, which came at the listener hard and fast, like Death Metal and it is certainly relentless. With fast vocals and intense screams and growls the song pummeled you into submission. It became a fan favourite immediately and is one of my favorites along with the track Eyeless.

Disasterpiece is much the same but a bit slower, with a slight let up in intensity in the breakdown. There is a bit of melody coming through in the vocals this time but after a reprieve the song goes back to its original high intensity. Much like the previous track it incorporates some elements of Death Metal but I think that Thrash Metal is more what is heard in this song.

My Plague is the second single and one of the few songs with a melodic chorus. However it still is as intense as the previous tracks. The single version has a much less intense lead vocal from Corey but despite that it still retains the same ferocity.

Everything Ends goes back somewhat, to People = Shit and Disasterpiece but has some of the melody of My Plague in it. It is missing any trace of Extreme metal in it. However, it still is as angry and intense as anything else previous to it or yet to come.

The Heretic Anthem was the first single… sort of, but it was the rough mix that came out first with the slightly different title that I mentioned earlier. When it was played it also became a fan favourite just like People = Shit and Disasterpiece. I think the main reason for this is because of the chorus: “if your five five five then I’m six six six” which Corey would have the croud respond to before going into the song, with the sampled countdown from 8 to 0.

Gently is also another favourite of mine because of how it is structured. It starts off quiet and haunting then it builds to a Slipknot like crescendo at the end. It had been around for a few years, ever since before Corey joined the band and it was recorded for their debut EP Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. which came out in 1996 with original vocalist Anders Colsefani. He later stated that he had no problem with Corey taking over for him and called him a good guy.

Left Behind was the first single for radio but despite it’s melody it didn’t translate well to it. Thus, it was made a fan favourite.

I can’t really say too much about: The Shape, I Am Hated, Skin Ticket, New Abortion or Metabolic because there really isn’t that much to say about those songs. All though if I had to talk about any of them, The Shape incorporates a loud quiet dynamic with the quiet verses and of course, the loud choruses. Skin Ticket does show a slower trippy side to the bands music and that later appears in songs like Iowa and Gehenna from All Hope Is Gone.

The final track Iowa is one that I can speak to because it is also a favourite of mine and I think it should have been released as a single, just to piss off some people if for no other reason then to just make them angry. It is such a long song with many ebbs and flows within it but it isn’t an easy ride through it.

The song has many sounds like sampled screams and evil laughs throughout. The other thing about it is that singer Corey Taylor has talked about how he recorded the vocals for it. He recorded the song naked and he threw up all over himself and also cut himself up with glass, just to bring out more intensity. Even other members of the band thought he was crazy to do this but it worked for the song and was a perfect way to end of the album on a rather chilling note.

This album is my favourite and is closest to being a perfect Slipknot album as it will probably ever get. Others are good but this one tops them all in the energy and in the musicians developments. There may not be any guitar solos on this album but there is some technicalities on this album musically. Just listen to the breakdown of My Plague and you will hear a slint of musical sophistication. Even the guitar riff for Left Behind has a degree of technicality to it. It reminds me of The Smashing Pumpkins 1996 single Zero but unlike that song, the riff goes up and down like a roller coaster. Yet, it is a relatively easy riff to play on guitar, if you listen to how it is being played. I won’t get into it here but just trust me on this.

Even the members of the band look to cull inspiration from this album for future albums with songs from All Hope Is Gone and .5, The Grey Chapter having elements from it on some songs on both albums. The track Goodby is a perfect example of how similar it and Gently are to each other in that they both start off quiet and haunting and build up to being heavy. All though in the case of Goodby, it goes into another song entirely, while Gently has a section which brings the song to its close. Even the track Gehenna from All Hope Is Gone sort of picks up where Skin Ticket left off but is much more subdued and trippy, yet still intense. Also, Corey has said that .5, The Grey Chapter would take elements from Iowa and Vol. 3, The Sabliminal Verses which they have done.

Will Slipknot ever try and perform Iowa in its entirety like other bands have performed full albums on tour? I can’t see it happening but you never can say never with them. They just might try it one night out of the blue and surprise all of us. I don’t put anything past them, even doing guest spots on animated TV shows. After all, most of the band our fathers and have offspring who are either fully grown or are still growing up. I can invision them on a Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror episode or a musical episode involving Otto, Bart or Homer. Well, I can dream… can’t I?

Well, that’s about it for todays entry. Talk to you sooner than you or I think and stay sic.

Stevie Ray Vaughn, 25 Years Later

Hi folks. Today is a sad anniversary, as it is 25 years ago today, that Texas born blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn was taken from us via helicopter in the fog. He had released his latest album In Step with his band Double Trouble in the spring of 1989 and had also became sober, after years of alcohol abuse.

As a guitarist I always liked his work, from his work on David Bowie’s Let’s Dance to all of his work with Double Trouble, from Texas Flood to In Step and his posthumous album with his brother Jimmy. I never bought any of his albums but I closely followed his progress and was quite pleased with everything I heard. My favourite song he did was his cover of Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, which came out a year after his death on his posthumous album The Sky Is Crying. His version was an instrumental and it showcased his playing in varying intensities from sweet to for Roche us. One thing I have always liked about him is that he could sing and play guitar well, much like Jimi Hendrix and he even did his songs justus as well. He not only covered Little Wing but he also did a version of Voodoo Chile Slight Return on his second album Couldn’t Stand The Weather and would also perform Third Stone From The Son during his live performances.

If we didn’t have him we probably wouldn’t have had more recent players like Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd or even the late Jeff Healey, who was a great guitarist in his own right playing the guitar on his lap. Then again, if Jimi Hendrix hadn’t blow’n up as big as he did in the 60’s, would we even have Stevie Ray Vaughn? I think without both men mainstream blues would be much different and rock and hard rock guitar would probably not even exist, unless Jimmy page had decided to go the direction he ultimately went, after The Yardbirds split up and he formed Led Zeppelin. Maybe some jazz guitarist would cross over to rock and do something radicle and innovative. However, thankfully Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn came along and the rock guitar hasn’t been the same ever since and well, I like it. Also, there are some jazz guitarists who take elements of rock guitar in their solos and I think that we can thank both Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Von for that. Actually, if he was around today I think he would probably still do blues but also play a bit of jazz. I say that because his technique was so good he can do almost anything he wants on the guitar and people would still buy his records and go see his concerts on tour.

Will we ever see anyone like him again in our lifetime? I don’t think so because rare talents like that only come along every so often and unfortunately, they are taken from us way too soon. We miss you Stevie and thank you for everything you’ve given us over your short career. At the age of 35 he had many more good years left and well, what a waste of talent.

Well, that’s about it for today. Talk to you soon.,

2015, The Summer Of Summer Severe Weather Disappointment

Hi folks. On this Weather Wednesday I’m going to talk about how much of a bust, this summer has been for severe weather outbreaks here in Southern Ontario. This is despite that we have had periods where we have gone above 30 degrees c for a few days.

The only real true outbreak that occurred in the summer months was on August 1, when there were quite a few thunderstorm clusters that went through Southern Ontario that day. Otherwise, it has been rather quiet and the end of summer severe weather blowout hasn’t happened yet. Well, that happens every year or so and there is no real guarantee that the weather will be active before the fall sets in and the weather begins to cool off.

The first real outbreak of severe weather in Southern Ontario happened on June 10th and I wrote a post about that earlier this year, from the Weatheradio point of view. The next one happened on June 23rd and it went through the evening of the 22nd and lasted until early in the morning of the 23rd. I posted an entry about that too and how it screwed up my schedule for that day. This one was also the first of the few real outbreaks that happened in the summer of 2015 and unfortunately it was also nocturnal.

Another reason for me to be disappointed on the lack of watches and warnings throughout Southern Ontario and in particular Toronto, is that I have downloaded and purchased more weather alert apps that I wanted, for the purpose of keeping myself abreast of the latest weather alerts happening in and around me, without having to rely solely on my Weather Radio to keep me up to date while out of the house.

As the weather gets cooler and eventually cold enough for snow, I’m sure that my apps will be making my phone make noise so I am aware of the latest severe weather on the way. I am looking forward to the next few months of changing weather but I am not looking forward to the cool down and freeze.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll talk to you soon.

Turning Points

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I’ve been trying to think of points in the series, when there has been a turning point.

Okay, what made me think of it was last Wednesdays post I wrote on the new Disturbed album. What I didn’t mention is that I felt the decidedly dark tone of their last album asylum marked somewhat of a turning point in the bands history. The same could be said for their second album Believe, when their original bass player Steve kmak was fired and replaced by John Moyer. In the former case it is a hiatus that was impending but I of course, had no idea at the time it was happening. However, something was different about the album and it gave me pause for thought, about the future of the band at the time. Of course, their hiatus is over and they are back with a new album and all is right again. What I am saying is I couldn’t go into detail because I knew something was going to happen but I couldn’t really tell what it was, as I am not a psychic or any type of fortuneteller. However, I did hear something different but I just couldn’t put it into words.

I get the same feeling with a lot of albums that come out at times, for bands that I follow closely. For example: when Korn released their last two albums with the original lineup something was telling me that a change was possible but I ignored it for once. I really didn’t think someone in the band would be leaving because I thought they were that close, like a family. However, over the next two albums 2 key members would depart, with one returning for their latest album in 2013. What usually happens is the band stops celling as many albums or isn’t heard on the radio as much and that is usually the signal that I look for that change is afoot.

In the case of The Simpsons, it is all in the hands of the Show Runners and the voice actors, as to whether a turning point in the series is on the way. I first noticed something was coming when during the episode lisa’s Wedding there was mention of her being a vegetarian and of course, that came to fruition a few months later, in the episode Lisa The Vegetarian. Of course, that character change stayed, along with her becoming a Buddhist in season 13’s She Of Little Faith.

Season 8 also saw a turning point in the series in that the stories became different and the plots were conceived with a thought to what if a character such as Homer has or does something. If that didn’t happen, would we have had such a good episode as Homer’s Enemy? I would probably guess not because that would be a much different plot structure, from the silly and weirdness of Seasons 3 to that point.

Another turning point was the death of Ned Flanders first wife Maude Flanders. This was due to her voice actor Maggie Roswell leaving the show, dew to a pay dispute. However, her other characters she voiced continued existing as they were, with another voice actor taking over the roll in her absence. This changed a lot of things about how the characters reacted to her. For example: Homer could no longer lust after Maude in front of, or behind Marge’s back in earlier seasons.

A more recent turning point is with the death of Marcia Wallace in 2013 and the retirement of Mrs. Krabappel. This also spelled the end of Ned’s second marital relationship too. Of course, the character has been retired in her memory and well, not much more to say about that.

Another important turning point was with the unfortunate death of Phill Hartman back in 1998. He of course voiced: Troy McClure and springfield’s shyster lawyer Lionel hutz. Phill’s voice was last heard in the Season 10 episode Bart The Mother. After this episode other characters have taken over the roll as The Simpson family’s lawyer such as: Gil Gunderson and The Blue Haired Lawyer, both voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Of corse, nobody took over the roll Troy filled because all characters voiced by Phill Hartman were also retired in his memory. Other people could have taken over the rolls but it just wouldn’t have been the same.

I’m sure there are more turning points in the series which mark character changes and voices coming in and out of The Simpsons but I can’t think of them now. That’s about it for this weeks post. In the mean time, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.

Review Of Immortalized From Disturbed

Hi folks. Today is about the release of one of my favourite bands, Disturbed and their new album Immortalized, which comes out two days from today. I think it is important to talk about because this is from a band, who has recently just come off a hiatus, which lasted for almost 3 years. Something else to keep in mind is that Disturbed have had 4 consecutive number one albums with: Believe, 10 Thousand Fists, Indestructible and Asylum, which was released August 31st 2010. They also released a compilation of b-sides called The Lost Children, to help keep the fans at eas for a while at least, while they went into hiatus. They also did their own projects such as: Device, Adrenaline Mob and Fight Or Flight. Even producing other bands was not out of the question either. For example: singer David Draiman produced the band Trivium and their 2013 album vengeance falls, which sounds like a Trivium album but it also has the influence of Disturbed. However, I liked it for all aspects of the album.

Now, Disturbed are back with a new album and a new producer, after working with Johnny K for their first 3 albums and the last 2 being produced by the band. This time they are working with Canadian producer Kevin Churcko who has worked with such artists and bands as diverse as: Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Shania twain, The Corrs, Britney Spears, Hinder and Michael Bolton to name a few. He brings his own signature sound, which is most noticeable in the drums. If you listen to any of the albums by the artists I mentioned, you will hear what I’m talking about. Pay particular attention to the pitch of the snare drums. Here is his Wikipedia article on him.

I mentioned the drum sound that he brings to the table on most if not all, of his albums he has produced because he is also a musician and drums are one of his instruments. This new album from Disturbed is no exception to this and the drum sound as heavy as ever.

Before I get into the album track by track, let’s take a look at each album and how the band has evolved since forming in the mid 90s. In 2000, The Sickness was released, introducing us to the band and singer David Draiman’s percussive vocal style, which could be mistaken for wrapping. He has disputed that on one occasion, while being interviewed on a radio station in Toronto. The interviewer said something about his wrapping and David said “oh, no no no no my friend it’s not wrapping” in his even tone of voice and said that it is his singing style. You really can’t blame anyone for misconstruing it though, because of the song Pour Some Sugar On Me bye Def Leppard which incorporates much the same singing style. Although in the case of Disturbed, they were unfortunately lumped in with the Nu Metal that was popular at the time. As they have evolved they managed to get away from as much of it as they could, without straying too far from their original sound. In fact, they stay with the original sound but have added things along the way, which I will get into while talking about future albums.

With The Sickness it had to of the most popular songs on it in the Disturbed catalog: Stupefy and Down With The Sickness. The latter being most notable for the staccato vocal scream that David does. I can’t even coppy it, unlike Korn’s Jonathan Davis in the song Freak On A Leash during the breakdown. The album is both musically and vocally heavy, with David’s voice not going soft very much. Some of my favourite tracks on it are: The Game, Stupify, Down With The Sickness, Violence Fetish, Fear, Numb, Want, Conflict and their cover of the Tears for Fears song Shout. The songs I haven’t mentioned are by no means bad but they just aren’t the ones that have stood out since it came out in 2000.

Believe continues much of what The Sickness had to offer but there is more of an emphasis on melody this time. David’s voice does go soft but it is only during certain points of certain songs in which this occurs. In particular the songs: Awaken, My Mistress, Remember, Breathe and the dark acoustic track Darkness. Really… you had to figure that they would go in this direction to expand the sound for their own purposes and not for celling more albums. Even so, Believe debuted at number 1 and the band went on tour to support it.

Ten Thousand Fists was a sort of return to the sound on The Sickness but with most of the melody of Believe intact. This time, the band tuned the guitars down a half step and added guitar solo’s. Okay… if you are a musician and you are reading this and you are a fan of the band, you know that they wrote the first two albums in e flat and or dropped d flat tuning. They continued this on Ten Thousand Fists but also added droped c tuning to the mix, to make the sound heavier. When I met Pete Loeffler from Chevelle in 2002, I asked him about tuning the guitars down for their latest album at the time, which was called Wonder What’s Next. He told me it was to make the sound heavier. This was compared to the d standard tuning on their previous album Point #1. It makes sense to me now that I think about it because the lower tuning does give the music more of a menacing tone, when needed. Is it any wonder why most extream metal bands have done this in the past few years? Also, why do you think Korn use 7 stringed guitars tuned down as low as a 1 being the lowest note and Fear Factory using low tuned guitars throughout their career? Anyway, I digress.

Some of my favourite songs on this album are:

Ten Thousand Fists for how it opens the album and with the anthemic chorus. I like how it and the over all tone of the album is up-beat yet more aggressive than Believe.

Guarded for it’s aggressive and melodic contrasts within the song.

Stricken for all of the elements of the song itself including the drop c tuning and the guitar solo.

Sons Of Plunder for much the same things as Guarded but it has all the elements of the bands sound to that point without the guitar solo.

Overburdened is a track which is not a balad but is slower and has a melodic bass riff which works for the song, along with Davids vocals.

Forgiven is another song that my favourite part is actually the melodic breakdown before the guitar solo. David sings “walking the line that the world has drawn, fighting for balance alone in the dark. Will you cary the burden the world has grown? Will you destroy everything in your sight? You alone can give this one more try! You alone will berry me tonight.” I love how David sings it and how he leads us right into the guitar solo. It’s a shame that it wasn’t released as a single.

Their cover of Genesis’s Land Of Confusion is also a stand out track for me. I like the original version but this kicks the song up another level. This song was and is also appropriate for Disturbed because of what it is about. The band have sang about politics throughout their albums and an earlier track Deify features samples from George W. Bush and some other voice in the beginning of the song.

Indestructible continues where Fists left off, sort of. However it is more of a return to the earlier sound on The Sickness, married with elements from the last 2 albums.

I like the album as a whole and I don’t want to really take it apart because there really isn’t a favourite track on it. All though, if I had to pick a track that I would have to say is my favourite it would have to be Haunted, for it’s melody and how it goes from being heavy to melodic, similarly to Guarded. This time, the melody is a part of the chorus.

Asylum is unfortunately, my least favourite album because of its decidedly dark tone. I actually expected something similar to Indestructible! What I did notice with it and Believe is the lack of keyboards and samples on both albums. I had read that it would have a similarity to Believe but I actually expected more of the melodic aspects of it in this album.

Some of my favourite tracks on it are: Another Way To Die, Never Again, The Animal and Ishfwilf, which is actually their cover of U2’s I Stil Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. For some reason it makes me think that one day they will also cover the theme for The Simpsons. Hopefully they will guest star on the show one day like U2 did?

Okay, now that I have the previous studio albums out of the way, we will now get to the new album and I will go through it track by track. In The Eye Of The Storm is basically an instrumental track, which is the chords of the chorus of the next track. It reminds me of the beginning of Asylum and it’s instrumental track Remnants, which also leads into the title track.

Immortalized is the first full song on the album and is the first indication of the heavier sound of the album. This song and most others are tuned down to a droped b tuning and the song itself could be another booster for the American military, much like the song Indestructible.

The Vengeful One is the first single from the album and was the first ssong that was my indication of the new tuned down heavier sound. It could be about those who worship a figurehead, who turns out to be an evil false prophet.

Open Your Eyes is a track that is possibly about how some people don’t keep up with what is really going on in the news and don’t bother to look deeper into the stories they see or hear, apart from what they are told in the media.

The Light is the fifth track on the album and is surprisingly, in a major key. However it doesn’t stray too far from the sound of the album and the over all sound of the band.

What Are You Waiting For? is the next track on the album and is about doing something now and not waiting for the right time.

You’re Mine is the next track and is the first track in the dropped d flat tuning. It is a bit bouncey but at the same time, it retains the heaviness of the album.

Who is one of two songs with profanity in it. The chorus says “who the hell are you?” and “who the fuck are you?” a few times. It is possibly about someone changing completely from what they once were.

Save Our Last Goodby is about not being able to see or hear your friend or loved one anymore, dew to their death. There are a few times within the song, where a phone is heard to be ringing. First, with an answering machine message, then a full mailbox message and the final one says the number is no longer in service.

Fire It Up is about those who partake in the pleasures of “the leaves of the devil. “At the beginning of the song you hear someone possibly smoking a bong and some dialog before David sings the first verse.

The Sound Of Silence is indeed, a cover of a classic Simon and Garfunkel song and it is much different from the original. It retains all the words from the song but it is in a different key and the first instrument we hear is a piano, as apposed to acoustic guitar. Also, there is no harmonized vocals on this version and there is an orchestra to make this version much more surprising.

Never Wrong is about someone who thinks they are always right, regardless of the outcome and is a return to the sound similar to the song Criminal from Indestructible.

Who Tought You How To Hate? is the last track on the album and is about being tought to hate, despite having no mean bone in your body. It kind of reminds me of stories I have heard of regular teenagers who are convinced to fight with a terrorist group Isys. This is despite that they were born in this society and grew up with aspirations of going to college and having a normal family and career. Think about that while listening to the song and you will understand.

Over all, I like this album and it reminds me of the last 3 albums. I actually expected something like this, when asylum was released in August 2010. It is also good to hear David using all of his vocal range on this album. For example: The Sound Of Silence hears him using a baritone range then going up to a tenor. At the end of the song he goes to his regular singing voice and this is most certainly, David’s showcase. Will it be released as a single? Probably not but it is a stand out track none the less. Oh, I should also mention that I took a listen to the entire album on iTunes on Monday morning and composed the bulk of this post, after finishing it.

Congratulations to: singer David Draiman, guitarist Dan Donegan, bassist John Moyer and drummer Mike Wengren for another stellar album for the fans and a return to form. This album to me combines all elements which make up the bands sound. This includes all the keyboard and samples, David’s vocals and style, the various guitar and bass tunings and Mikes drumming. Let us also not forget the addition of Kevin Churcko to fatten up the sound, with heavier drums and the new downed tuned guitars. This all makes for a very rewarding listen from beginning to end and I hope this shoots strait to number 1 and stays there for a few weeks.

Well, that’s it for my review and sort of analysis of the new Disturbed album. Talk to you soon.